Continual Problems with Hayward Heater


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Apr 23, 2017
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Hi Everyone!

I've been having some problems with my Hayward H400IDL pool heater. It's an old unit and quite a bit rusty inside, but it had been working fine for 6 months after buying this house. Then the blower motor went out (error code for no vacuum, etc.).

I went to Leslie's and purchased a replacement blower motor assembly. The first one had some screws loose in the riveted blower cage and those screws started unscrewing and hitting the blower and making an awful noise; sparks out of the exhaust flue, etc. So I shut it down, took that blower assembly back to Leslie's and they ordered a new one.

Thorough inspection of blower #2 seemed better made with no loose screws. :) Installed and it worked fine for a little over a year. Then one day walked out to the equipment and heard the motor buzzing and the heater showing a blower-related error code. Figured with the buzzing it was probably just the start capacitor, so I ordered and installed a new capacitor. It worked for about 5 minutes until the motor caught on fire and shorted out the electrical, tripping the circuit breaker for all of the pool equipment. I figured the few days the motor spent buzzing had overheated it enough to damage the windings and after it started spinning again they shorted out.

So I ordered blower #3 on Amazon and installed. The heater control panel kept showing an error code while the blower was running continually at a low speed. Followed the Hayward troubleshooting steps and eventually led me to believe the control board was busted in the catastrophic fire and sparks from the last blower.

Next, ordered a new control board from Amazon. Installed it today and all went well. New control board and blower #3 ran fine for about 30 minutes until this blower motor also started smoking and eventually caught on fire.

This is the 240V motor model, Hayward part number 1503001801.

Now I've submitted an RMA request to the Amazon seller of the blower motor. But I'm really wondering what is going on here. Am I just having that bad of luck with these motors?

Is there anything else I should be checking? If I get another motor and it goes up in flames again, I'm thinking of scrapping the entire unit and buying a different brand, perhaps even one of those electric heatpump types that can heat and cool the pool.

Please advise if these motors are known to be so troublesome, thanks!

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Jul 10, 2012
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Me??? That thing would be OUT of there! That is my gut reaction! Fire=nothing to mess with=new. It is up to you but I would not even take a chance.


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Jan 9, 2017
The heater can be wired/installed with either 120V or 240V power supply. The Blower is available as 120V (p/n ... BWR1931) or 240V (p/n ...BWR1930), from what I have seen.
Be sure you are getting the correct part for the voltage you have. You would be able to tell what voltage your heater is wired for by looking at its connection to the circuit breaker.


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May 3, 2007
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Another thing to check is if there is any interference with the fan blade in the housing. OR the blades are bent at all. Anything to increase the load on the motor will cause the motor to overheat.