Contests for TFTestkits gift certificates?


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Apr 24, 2012
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Hey Dave,

Can one purchase a "gift card" or something of the sort for

I'm asking because I'd like (with your and Jason's kind permission, of course) to see if maybe we could do an occasional "contest" thread, perhaps as a way to help new BBBers afford a test kit, or just as a fun way to buy someone's next refill of R-0013 :)

The 'contests' in question would, in my mind at least, be TFP/BBB related of course, and appropriate for all users. They would be started by any user who just wants to contribute to someone else's nice day. :) Perhaps something like a Pool School "Quiz" for users with < 10 posts, first one to submit all correct answers gets a $10 gift card purchased by the contest's OP, or maybe "First person who can post a video showing a DPD test with a result of 6ppm FC wins a $15 gift card from me."

Thanks for the hard work as always, gang!
Aug 26, 2011
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Love this :idea:. :goodjob:

What about rating the quality of others posts, questions, answers, helpfulness? Perhaps members could gain reputation points or Gift Card points and then trade those in on a gift card or discount code towards

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Oct 29, 2009
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A few years back we used to have contests now and then...I remember the "name your pool cleaner" contest but I know there were others. I remember them being fairly popular.