Construction selections


Mar 6, 2021
Barrie, ON
Hello Everyone,

Our pool construction is underway. We currently have a giant hole in our yard and a muddy mess everyone. haha.

The bad news is that our original patio choice is not available and we had to make a new choice. I have anxiety and one trait that comes with that is overthinking EVEYTHING. Now I am questioning if the new pavers will look ok with the coping stones. Our backyard will consist of a composite deck (Timbertech Silver Maple), the pool and patio...that is it. No grass or landscaping (some potted plants will be placed around).

We selected Techo bloc Raffinato smooth in onyx black for the coping. We wanted to pair it with techno bloc para in grey. However, we had to make a new choice and have now selected Techo bloc Ocean Grande in Grey. We are also leaning towards Latham Mosaic Grey liner (although I am still considering sandstone/gold pebble colours as an option).

I just want everything to look nice together. It is a small space. The pool itself is 14x26x10 (deep end is 14 and shallow end is 10 and 26 in length. We have vinyl over steel steps.

The coping is the firepit photo below (all I could find to show the colour).
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