Construction-Negative Edge Design Calculations

Mar 8, 2017
hi everyone. i have some questions thanks.

I am in the process of a small wet edge pool project , curved wet edge out of ground 1.2 mts high 6 meter wet edge, 17 square meter surface area of pool.

I have a catch basin size of 8m long by 600 wide 400 deep plumbing will be 60 mm pipe.

How do i size the pump & is the basin big enough?

It is still in the planing stage so i can change the basin if need be.

Also pipe work under slab, is it the norm to encase it in concrete or cut it in the ground?

Returns will be in the floor. Is there some method of sealing around the pipe through the slab.

Floor will be 200mm thick with n12 rebar 200 central each way.

I am building the wall out of 200 h blocks same steel 200 each way & core filled.

I also plan on a skmimer & floor suction so i can convert it to a normal pool if needed.

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Re: concruction

Hey King,

Welcome to our forum!

These are hard questions for most of us here to answer as the vast majority are just pool owners. Perhaps someone here can help or direct you to a resource for it, but I wanted to say hello and welcome you aboard.