Considering purchasing used HP600 Heat Pump, please help


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May 26, 2014
North Canton, Ohio
I am considering purchasing a used HP600 Heat Pump. The only information I can find online is that parts are still available for purchase. (I guess that's a good thing).
The gentleman believes it's rated at 81,000BTU and for a 19,200 gallon pool. It heated his 10,000 gallon pool (which he no longer has).
I called Hayward, after being on hold for 20 mins, I hung up and emailed them. Their response was, we basically, we no longer make this unit.

Sent: 02/10/2016 I am looking at purchasing a used HP600 heat pump. I can not find
> anything online, except parts. I am trying to determine if this will
> work with my pool. I have an in ground 16x32, approx 20,000 gallons
> (3.5-8 feet). Also, if you have a link where I can find a manual?
> Thanks

Sorry, we only have some parts available for this
unit only, because the unit is no longer made.

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My concern is that my pool is approx 20,000 gallons (16x32 avg depth of 4.5), would this work for my pool?

I'm in NorthEastern Ohio, I'm looking to extend my swim season (currently, I won't get in the water until the end of June), I keep a solar cover on the pool. The pool is in FULL SUN usually from 9:30ish until the sun sets. It previously had a solar heater on the roof of the house. I do not know how well it worked as they had to be taken down for a new roof before the pool was opened and not knowing how old they were, etc, I opted not to have them reinstalled.



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Sep 17, 2015
Im using some calculations I read on threads here.
20,000 gal x 8.3 lbs = 166,000. If you go with rating of 81,000 BTU it would take 2 hrs to raise the temperature 1 degree F. It would probably be much longer depending on outside temperature, wind, ect. I'm not sure you will be able to extend season much, from reading threads here about heat pumps in our climate. Maybe somebody will correct me here. If you still have the solor panels you might think about combining them with the heater. Also, if you dont have extra 220V electric service to the pad you should figure the cost of that also.


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Sep 7, 2012
I am getting rid of my heat pump and getting a gas heater". My heat pump needs repaired almost every season and does not work well when we have cool fall pa nights. At 60 degrees outside temp it is useless.