Considering a Polaris 280. How does the black in Black Max hold up??


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Apr 13, 2007
Murfreesboro, TN
Hey Guys,

Pool #3 being built. Wifey wants a darker liner this time, and i was thinking about a Polaris 280 black max.
Had 280s on both previous pools and i like em.
Wondering if the black will fade as most other things do...........
PB said: "there's a reason most boats are white.................
Experiences? Thoughts?



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Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
Buy a robot. There are losts of them out there. They clean better and you don't need the pump (any pump ) to run it so they are much cheaper to run.


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Jul 30, 2012
Norco, CA
I had a Polaris 360 in black. It looked fine in the water but when pulled out and dried the black was quite faded. I wouldn't get another black one though simply because the replacement parts in black were several times more expensive than the white.


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Jul 19, 2013
Prosper, TX
I am just having to replace my 4 year old 280 black max. It did a good job, but just had a wheel snap off (not in a fixable way). The base was faded to a light gray. The wheels were still black, and the rest was faded a bit. The bag had recently been replaced.

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