Conquered high TA but TFP app still wants lower pH. Why?


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Jun 8, 2019
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Second year pool owner. I have a Taylor K-2006 test kit. Have been doing all my own testing and pool chemistry since almost day one. Using LC for chlorination. After pool opening this year (6/6/20) I had a bit of a pH bounce issue. Had to add 20 Mule initially, then muriatic acid several times before things calmed down. I battled high TA (started around 220) for more than a month, adding between 16 and 40 oz of muriatic almost every day, per TFP app recommendation.
This morning TA is finally within range (80), ph is 7.4, FC 4.5, CC 0, CYA 50, CH 330. Why does TFP still want me to get pH down to 7.2? App is still recommending 16 oz of Muriatic. I don’t get it. All numbers look good to me and TA is finally under control. What’s the rationale for continuing to chase after 7.2 pH? Plaster pool, 16,000 gals, very old Anthony Apollo DE filter (circa 1979 but still works fine). Any thoughts? Should I ignore the app or is there some science behind the pH 7.2 recommendation? Thanks in advance


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Jan 6, 2010
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You have the target set to 7.2, so it is telling you how much acid to get there. If you're happy with where the pH is, change the target to match the now reading and it will tell you to add nothing.