Connecting pump filter and multi-port valve


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Aug 1, 2019
Long Island, NY
Trying to open my pool for the first time since my pool guy is real busy and its finally nice outside. Got the cover off, got the gizmos out of skimmers and replaced the plugs with the return eyes. Now I'm trying to re-connect the plumbing for the pump multi-port valve and the d/e filter. In the pump basket I found a bunch of o-rings and I'm not sure where they go. I think I know where the o-rings with the flanges on them go but not sure about the others. I have pictures in the attached link of the o-rings and what I'm trying to connect. There are 6 o-rings and I have to connect the following:
1. pump to skimmer (o-ring with flage on it)
2. pump to multi-port (o-ring with flage on it)
3. multi-port to backwash line
4. multi-port to filter (2 connections)
5. multi-port to pool returns
6. Salt water T Cell on both sides

If someone could please tell me where the o-rings go and anything else I should know after I get this connected I'd really appreciate it. Also wondering if the salt water t cell has to go in a particular direction?


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Aug 1, 2019
Long Island, NY
I think I got everything. At least everything in connected running and not leaking. Only question I had was the o rings connect to the filter I put the small ones on and had to slide them down to the base of the connection. The other o rings seemed to fit in a groove of the unions
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