Connecticut Building Codes


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Jun 10, 2008
Lafayette, LA
It was brought to my attention recently that in Connecticut, there has not been one reported instance of galvanic corrosion as caused by SWGs. Granted, this information is coming from an international sales rep for SWGs but it warrants looking in to. I'm curious if there's anyone on the forum from Connecticut who is familiar with Connecticut building codes or if there's a pool owner who has had a pool built in Connecticut according to these guidelines who can give me insight into what could possibly be different than what goes on in the South (Louisiana). I've been browsing through Connecticut Code roughly half the day and I can't really take anymore. :hammer: Would appreciate any feedback. :hammer:


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Mar 29, 2007
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Just because they haven't heard of any doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I work in Ct and have 100+ salt pools that I open and close. I invite whoever thinks it's not happening here to come and please remove the ladders and handrails, because of the galvanic corrosion of the aluminum anchor cups it's a real PITA!