Connect heat pump to Aqualink TRi/Z4


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Nov 1, 2021
I’m wondering if you can help me. New pool owner in Australia and have a fibreglass pool controlled by Zodiac / Jandy Aqualink TRI (Z4 in other countries AquaLink TRi Pool & Spa Controller | Zodiac Australia).

I have a heat pump (Astral Viron iHP170) Viron Inverter Heat Pump | Electric Pool Heater | AstralPool and want to connect it using the RS485 cables to the Aqualink Z4 to control the on and off function through the Aqualink rather than the heat pump itself.

There is no mention in the instructions on how to do this in the heat pump manual but I understand this is possible on all heat pumps.

My question would be would i connect low voltage wire from the heat pump on the RS485 terminals from the main board to the Aqualink TRI/Z4. See images from heat pump schematics.

I’ve called the manufacturer but support here isn’t the best, some say its definitely possible and other say it’s not or they don’t know. Either way none of those that tell me it is possible will tell me what to connect it to but advised to speak to a pool installer or electrician.

I have an electrician that can do the work we just do not know which wires to connect on the heat pump to get this to work.

Anyone here able to help?


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I am looking at the US Z4 Installation manual from

You can try wiring the HP RS-485 to the Z4 RS0485 as sown on Page 12 Figure 5. However you MUST get the wires correct as two of them are data (yellow/green) and two are for power (red/black).

I don't think it will work since I doubt the Z4 knows how to talk to your HP through the RS-485 data link.

Do not try and connect the HP RS-485 connection to the heater 2 wire firemans switch on the green terminal bar. You need to connect the HP 2 wire control to the heater connection on the green terminal bar. See Figure 2 on page 9.

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