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Jul 23, 2021
Hi, this is my 1st post and 1st pool.
We bought an above ground pool kit online waited months finally received it (yay). We noticed that the liner is for a 15x30-48/52 as opposed to a 15x31/54. We called the company to advise and they are telling us that they guarantee it will stretch to fit. The liner is a swimline overlap. The exact pool size is 15x30x7” 1/4. We called multiple companies since the online company has horrible customer service And ghosts you after you spend your money. Their distributor says it will fit as well BUT....with the run around we have gotten our confidence in their word makes us nervous to believe them. I am wondering if they could be correct before we Move forward with the cost of installation. My fear is we proceed with installation and they say sorry the liner is too small and it’s a no go. Obviously obtaining a new liner is out of the question due to demand. We have spent a lot already on this endeavor with the pool and grading.


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Jul 10, 2009
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Hi, welcome to TFP! The liner should stretch if it installed on a hot day and has had a little time to warm in the sun before it is filled. If you are having the pool professionally installed by an experienced crew ask their opinion. It may relive some of your concerns.
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