Confused in Seattle

So, I have been testing with the Taylor K-2006. For fun, took a water sample into Aquaquip (only pool store around) and here is what they get for readings:
Ph 7.8 (I get 7.6)
FC 3.2 (I get 5.5)
CC 2.2 (I get .5)
CYA 59 (I get < 20)
So of course they wanted us to buy 5 bags of "Burn-Out" to bring down the CC.

I don't get it---how can my testing be so different from theirs? Has anyone else seen this? :?


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Apr 2, 2008
Acton Maine
Well before you go putting a bunch of stuff in your pool look at a couple of things.
1) Make sure you reread the directions from your kit and you are following its procedure.
2) After being sure of procedure try retesting with your kit. Testing has a few common factors that are important, repetition,consistency,reproducable numbers.
Sometimes you don't know at some pool stores. If the person testing has just learned themselves they are just as apt to mess up as you. As long as you have followed the kit instructions and are sure the integrity of your kit is ok. I would stick to your numbers. Others may disagree but I think that is the point of getting your own comprehensive kit. To DIY and not rely on someone else that is yacking on a cell phone while testing your water at the pool store :shock:


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Apr 27, 2008
I can't speak about the employees at your local PS, but even the best computer based test systems are not reliable considering the fumbling unknowledgeable 12yr olds that work at my local PS. I would always trust your own results. Especially when using a nice test kit such as yours.


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Jul 15, 2007
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I've had the same large variances with pool store test vs TF-100 test. I have chosen to go with the TF-100 results. I add chems based on my own test results and my water speaks for itself.



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May 30, 2007
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Seattlevue444 said:
I don't get it---how can my testing be so different from theirs? Has anyone else seen this? :?, yep!

ALWAYS trust your testing over any pool store,........ unless it is the pool store where our obi-wan Waterbear works part-time in Florida and he is doing the testing!


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Oct 26, 2007
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The test results I have gotten using my TFP kit vs. the pool store were even more varied than this! I showed (and still do!) a CYA of 100 whereas they said it was only 30! My FC was over 23 with my test kit and they said it was 3!! I wouldn't trust a pool store's numbers for any amount of money (except, like jj says...unless it were you waterbear! :wink: ) It's like I have read on this forum somewhere before ....the pool stores are in business to sell you chemicals. They aren't near as concerned at getting your pool chemistry correct. That would cost them profit! As I have seen so many your own numbers!