Confused/angry/sad Missouri hope to be pool owner


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Jun 25, 2020
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i hope he filed a police report - what his "friend" did was criminal.


Jan 27, 2021
The man looking to purchase it has installed pools and hes hoping his connections with the pool companies will get him so leverage. The company my pool was purchased from says they only buy it in kits and cant sell individuals, which is bull. Where do they get replacements from if panels are broken in shipping?? I am hoping the purchasing man has better luck. I have also had 3 more people who want to be 'next' if he passes. I explained the panel issue and they are ok with that. I even explained it can not be completed without these panels and they are not easy to come by. Im not sure if they understand or have some. I have spoke with an attorney and we were in the process of serving him papers when he was arrested for domestic violence. We have been waiting for him to be released from jail. With my post to sell the pool 2 people have contacted me asking if its the same guy that screwed them over and it is. One for a liner and one for a cover. The cover guy has a court date set for May 24th. Hopefully there will be justice!
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