Confused about Multi-port valve

Sep 12, 2007
Great site,

I have a question about a Jandy Multi-Port Valve. The multiport has 6 different choices and I'm not sure what they all are for. If anyone could explain the different operations or when I would use them I would realy appreciate it.

1. Filter.....Obviously to run water through the filter.
2. Rinse....Not really sure what this mean or what it's for.
3. Recirc...Assuming this means Recirculate but not sure when or why i'd use it.
4. Backwash....I think I know this one.
5. Waste....I'm assuming this is bypassing the filter completely and shooting water straight out.
6. Closed...Does this mean it shuts down all water going to the filter?

Also can someone explain the procedure for backwashing, do you just shift the handle to Backwash and let it run until the water coming out is clear?

Thanks Vince


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

Rinse - use this for 30 seconds after backwashing to get any dirty water out of the valve

Recirc - recirculate - circulate water without filtering, handy in the rather rare situations where you can't filter but could use some circulation (some treatments would clog the filter so quickly that you can't have the filter running)

Waste - straight from the skimmer/drain to the waste line, commonly used to lower the water level or to vacuum major debris from the pool

Closed - allows you to service the equipment without any water leaking out


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Mar 29, 2007
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Vince, I also welcome you here :goodjob: !!

Jason handled the other stuff, but :

Backwashing is a series of cycles that needs to be done to insure that the filter has had as much 'stuff'' removed as is possible.
When you go to backwash, when the pressure gauge has risen ~ 8psi, turn off the pump (*always turn off the pump when changing positions on the multiport -otherwise, you'll wreck the unit!) and go to backwash until the 'site-glass' (the little bottle next to the waste line) has ~ clear water in it, when it clears, do the 30 second 'rinse' and then go back to backwash, watch the glass.... this may have to be done (backwash/ rinse/ backwash/ rinse...) a few times to get the filter fully clean. You want the water on the final backwash cycle to come out clean when you start it! I often will add a 30 second 'filter' cycle when it clears up and then do another backwash run, just to be sure I've gotten everything I can out of the filter.

If your filter is a DE model, only add 80% bof the initial amount of DE to it, as even the best backwashing will only remove 80% of the DE and you don't want to overload the filter with powder.

You've made the best!! choice for your pool by coming here to educate yourself on how to maintain it!! :super: If you havew any other questions, we'll be here to answer them. :-D
Sep 12, 2007
Thanks for the warm welcome. Your advice and knowledge is very much appreciated. Thanks to both of you. What a great site!