Conflicting water chemistry goals


Jun 7, 2019
Ozark, AL
I want to preface this by saying I am an avid learner and I love to understand things. It helps me to learn much better when I understand. I’m asking this not to stir anything up or choose a “side” but rather to truly understand.

Why do I receive 2 very different recommendations when it comes to the recommended chemistry levels for my pools? I have gone through this awesome website’s Pool School. Where I’m getting conflicting recommendations is on Facebook groups (Swimming Pool & Spa Owners). My CH is 50 and I’ve gotten lots of response that it’s too low, but the recommendation here for vinyl liner pools is no calcium is needed since there’s no calcium in the liner. One person said it would leach the calcium out of the pool equipment and he recommends I get CH up to 200.

They’ve also been recommending a higher CYA.

If you can help explain why there are two sides of things, it will help me educate myself better! Thanks a ton!


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Jun 11, 2018
Verona, MO
I have to bite my tongue when reading Face Book advice. We raise sheep and so belong to several groups.
Too many "experts" who have either been very lucky or they are facing disaster and just don't know it yet. They also offer advice without gathering enough knowledge about that particular situation to be able to answer appropriately.

Good Luck! :)
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