Conflicting salt readings

Jan 27, 2017
Fort Worth
Pool was finished 4weeks ago. Using the pool math function I brought the ph down to 7.5, Fc up to 7, and added enough stabilizer to bring cya to 70. I went and calculated the pool math and said to add 386lbs of salt for 3600ppm. I dumped in 9 40lb bag which 360lbs and have let it run all day. I got some test strips from Leslie's until my Taylor kit gets here. I have a ic 40 that is wired direct into my dual timer so I was not able to turn it off separate from the pump. I turned the pump power off and then back on, once the SWG reset all went green and appears to be working great. I set it to the lowest level 20% and it is was reading FC 7 this morning at 7 when I tested it at 7 this evening it was still at 7. My worry is this, I tested with the strip and it shows over 5k. I did it twice with the same result.
I used 0 in the pool math because I used tap water. From the math I can't see how 360lbs of salt is reading 5k. The SWG is not flashing high salt.

I'm very new to this and now I'm m nervous. What should I do now, and how is this going to effect my pool. Do I let it run a full 24 hrs then retest.
I cant find any of the paper work for any on my equipment, so I don't know the max level of a IC40.

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Feb 17, 2017
Dean, I am not an expert, but this is my opinion.... worry not. I heard that the readings on a SWG are not that accurate. The Taylor salt water test kit is what you should use. I have the Ic40 with a 10,000 gal pool. I added 8 bags of 40lbs of salt. My Taylor salt kits tells me I have 3400ppm of salt. So unless your tap water is high in salt content, your good to go. Test strips might not be very accurate either.


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Mar 2, 2011
Get the K-1766 salt test kit for best test accuracy. If the IC 40 is not giving a high salt, you should be fine.

The high salt warning happens at 4,500 ppm, so you’re probably below that.
Jan 27, 2017
Fort Worth
Thanks for the quick responses. My SGW doesn't give me a salt reading, I was just going by the test strips. For the gallons of the pool I was going by what the pool builder wrote down. It's had worked with the PH levels so I figured it was good to go. I didn't think it could be that far off to get that far over.
I went out and turned my SWG off and then back on and let it reset, all green lights.
Hopefully my test kit will get here soon.