Conflicting advice - Please help me choose from 3 Brands to replace a pool pump motor


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Mar 24, 2017
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We have a salt water in-ground pool that recently had a pump run dry and stopped working. The motor is purring but not pumping water. The label was faded by the sun, and you can barely make out this information on the side of the motor:
hayward pool products model sp3015x20az
marathon electric thermally protected AC motor model SKR39UN2824ax 60 Hz
HP 2 V 115-230 RPM 3450
pump motor category C1320 model F09J170015
Model SKCR39UN2824ax

Spending time with tech support from Nidec and Century Electric got us three recommendations:
1)Part Number: C1320
Nidec Catalog Number AST225
US Motors Aqua Shield 2.25 HP 115/230V C-FACE SE Round Flange Motor

2)Nidec Catalog Number EB230
US Electric Motors-Nidec, EB230, 2HP, 3450RPM, 1PH, 115V;230V, 56J Frame, Pool and Spa.
! Note: U.S. Motors brand: Perm Split Cap VS Marathon: Cap Start-Cap Run

Century Electric UST1202 2-Horsepower Up-Rated Round Flange Replacement Motor (Formerly A.O. Smith)

Which one of these would be better? I'm also getting quoted prices from $150 to $469 for these motors (without labor) from various outfits. Where should I buy the motor?
Any other components like a strainer cover O-ring, housing gasket, seal assembly, or diffuser gasket to include during the motor replacement? Which shaft seal should I use for a salt water pool? Someone suggested there are kits for those parts sold as a bundle.

Thank you for your help and advice


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Welcome to the forum:wave:

Like you, the majority of us are pool owners and not pump technicians.

I would suggest you give INYO pools a call. They have a good reputation for finding the right stuff for you.