Conflicted and don't want to make the wrong decision,,,,,,,,,please help


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May 20, 2016
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Hello. We are buying a pool and I am the one that will be taking care of it. I am looking at the chemical/cleaning products. From everything I have been reading I think I am going to be using the BBB method. BUT, I have a couple of questions. The place we are purchasing our pool from recommends the SimpleBlue pool water system. So far, everything that I have been reading about this product, on here or other forums has absolutely NOTHING good said about it. I just want to make sure that I am positive about not using it. The "active" ingredients are Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate.............1.6% and "other" ingredients 98.4% including Metallic Copper Equivalent........ 0.4%.

Also, I have read that "bleach" and "liquid chlorine" are the same, that it is just a matter of the concentration. Is that correct? As I said, this is a new pool and I don't want to destroy it.


We are getting a 15' round above ground pool.


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May 11, 2014
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To be honest you will not "destroy" the pool with either method of care. The problem we have with the SimpleBlue pool water system is that you are adding copper to your water. Copper is an algecide, so yes it can kill and keep algae away. Copper-only is more of a problem because it does not address fecal bacteria, but the risks for transmitting viruses or protozoan oocysts in a residential pool are very low. So, you need some chlorine anyway. If you are going to have to have chlorine anyway, why bother with the SimpleBlue? The pool folks want you to go with that system because you have to keep coming back to them for more of the stuff.

You are correct, bleach and liquid chlorine are the same thing. Bleach comes in concentrations from about 3% up to the "concentrated" which is 8.25%. Liquid chlorine (some places call it liquid shock) is either 10% or 12.5%. While it gets technical, the percentages don't match correctly because they are calculated a little differently between bleach & liquid chlorine, but it is close enough for us.

I use nothing but bleach from Dollar General or WalMart.


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If the project continues, GET A TEST KIT. Get a good one that you have to order.....don't get something because it's convenient. There is an article in Pool School that will help you decide.


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You're right on both counts.

Copper is great as an algaecide, but it doesn't disinfect fast enough so you'll need a source of chlorine to kill bacteria and viruses to keep the water sanitary. And since you're adding chlorine anyway, and it kills algae, why add copper, too? Copper can build up and stain the walls and turn blond hair green. Who needs the grief?