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May 12, 2023
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Our Polaris 360 came with the house, not sure how old/used it was, and finally is deteriorating beyond repair. We got a good run out of it and we accept that it’s time to replace it! We’re looking to either replace it or switch to a robot vacuum, and are leaning heavily toward the latter.

Given the pool stats in my signature, does anyone have feedback on the Maytronics S200 (or alt brand equivalent) vs something else we should be considering? I’ve read all the posts about robot recs from the last couple of years and feel that the S200 is the go-to choice. I’m particularly interested in something with a basket (instead of bag), can climb sides/curved walls (pool shape is free form, lots of bends and curves) and getting up to the top water line would be nice but we do that manually anyway. I’m not interested in app based controls. The pool is usually open from mid/late may to early/mid September so the vacuum would be heavily used for a few months and then in shed storage for most of the year, if that matters.

Thanks for any input.


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Jun 24, 2021
Ashtabula, OH
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I bought an S200 last year and it works great, even scrubs the waterline. I'd get one from Marina pools (great service) or locally through bricks and mortar to get the warranty.

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