confirm this is black algae


Aug 27, 2010
Can anyone confirm that this is in fact black algae and not green algae? I definitely have patches of black algae that i've been fighting, but some spots like this look more green and when I brush them a green cloud comes up but I can never get it fully off. I have other sections that are definitely more black in color and don't budge when brushing.

My PH was a bit too high for a week or two and this came on and overtook the pool in a matter of days.
I've adjusted the PH down to 7.2, upped the fc to 20, cya = 50, TA = 100 am brushing at least once a day with a wire brush, ran the pump for two straight days, but am having very little luck making a dent on it. i haven't tried putting trichlor granules on the floor yet, due to being a little concerned it will "bleach" the pebbletec it's probably covering about 30% of the floor. Can this actually be resolved or is draining the pool and starting over a better option?


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