Confer Curve Step Help


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Jun 17, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I bought the Confer Curve steps and hoping someone can help me out. I heard that they are hard to hold down so I left all the caps off so all the voids can fill with water. I bought two HD smaller buckets and filled them with 24Kg of sand. I now have 4x 3"x19" tubes I am going to mount to the inside for a total of 45-50kg of sand.

1) How did people strap the PVC piping?
2) Is the PVC glue safe? I cleaned it up as much as I could
3) IS this enough sand?

How did you connect your PVC weights?
Thank You



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Jun 29, 2016
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I’ve seen people use zip ties for the tubes. The PVC glue is fine.

You won’t know until you fill if you have enough weight. I think I would have put concrete in those buckets and tubes, rather than sand.


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Mar 27, 2020
Gateway Pundit, FL
I have the same steps, and used ( i believe 3/4”) pvc pipe filled with 1/2” steel rod, packed with sand very tightly, added a little germacidal bleach, and used pvc caps primed and sealed with rain or shine cement. When everything is cut to the right length, the caps keep the rod in place with weights, but when lifted can be slid out. It’s also a super sleek pool weapon nobody knows about. I used four 81oz Clorox bottles filled with river rock, small amount of germacidal bleach, gobbed up clear silicone inside the lids and tightened up. The rod fits perfectly through the handles, and generic bleach bottles were much thinner and flimsier. I don’t have the side section though, just the main one.
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