Concrete sealer?


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May 23, 2009
Trenton NJ
My pool and concrete deck around pool is approx 15 years old. I pressure wash after opening every year and I’m starting to notice the surface is becoming rough and looks like over time, the pressure washing eats away at the concrete so now I can see some of the stone in the concrete.

I was told years ago not to seal it, because it will make the surface slippery. Any thoughts on what can be done to fix/ repair?


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Jun 3, 2020
Southern AZ
I just painted my 20+ year pool decking. I used BEHR Premium Advanced DeckOver paint (it is a slip resistant paint). Was kinda like painting with pudding. Can't be used over 90 degrees when painting so work with small amounts when painting. Read about adding water to soften the paint. It indicates you will use 1 gallon for 75 sq ft with 2 coats. I bought less than the projected amount and was successful. $36 per gallon, Home Depot can mix it into any color. It covered well.

Sweep, power wash, used some pre mix concrete to patch cracks, sweep again, prep with muriatic acid (1 acid to 10 water), rinse the acid off, then paint.

I have Pebble Tec so I have no tile.
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