Concrete pool sealing question


Apr 8, 2013
I am going to build a block pool starting soon. I have planned on pouring a footing and doing a typical rebar reinforced block wall with the cores filled. All along I have thought I would just do the pool krete floor and hang a vinyl liner on it as I have seen others do. After factoring in the liner cost and the cost of the pool crete I thought it might be worthwhile to do a full concrete floor and lay tile. I could do all of the work myself. Is this doable? I thought about doing a coating of surface bonding concrete over the walls and floor and painting with a pool paint but I do not hear good things about just painting with epoxy paint as far as longevity. Would either options be more cost effective or more durable than a liner? I see products by laticrete out there that appear to be just for this type of tile application. Any experiences with any other coating methods such as sanitred? I am just looking for good value and longevity.