Concrete patio


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Sep 11, 2013
san antonio, tx
I have a covered concrete patio that I just pulled up the outdoor carpet from. I am looking to clean/sand the cement patio and use some type of stain or roll on product that won't be slippery when wet, and also able to be hosed down to clean spills etc..


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Jul 24, 2015
Central Valley CA
For epoxy floor coatings the best will usually be 2 part 100% solids, that is what you see in auto dealer show rooms aircraft hangers etc. I don't know if the product above is but I wold at least ask. No matter what product you choose surface prep is the most important step. You will want to acid wash the surface and use a penetrating primer cote. The primer will sink in and seal the concrete preventing air bubbles from coming up through the concrete when you apply the color cote. When I did my garage floor I almost went with out buying the spiked shoes, I figured I was just going to work my way out why do I need the shoes? I got them just in case, boy was that a good decision often you can't see problem areas until you are out of reach the shoes make going back to fix thin areas possible. I went with Norklad for the garage, I used a water based primer, 100% solids epoxy and a UV stabilized clear coat on the top. I also added a non slip additive that looks like sugar you just sprinkle it on the wet epoxy, it is invisible and gives the surface a texture like sandpaper. Both the primer and epoxy are fairly forgiving if applied in the AM when it is cool out, you have 45 min to apply and touch-up any problem areas. The UV clear cote was different matter that stuff setup fast 20-25min I had to work fast to get it down and make sure it looked right.