Concrete lids alternative/replacement?…Any recommendations?


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Nov 22, 2020
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Concrete lids alternative/replacement?…Any recommendations?

Hello! Thanks in advance for any insights on this topic. Our pool builder steered us into concrete lids (custom poured pavers) as a pool cover topper.…however I don’t think they were implemented the best, as they’ve done some interesting things to shim them up and whatnot.

Of larger concern is that the cover itself seems to rub on the bracket arms, and this has caused a couple small tears already in the seams (note that the pool was brand new in 2021). There also appears to be some friction induced wear and tear (see pics)……so I’m worried that these lids will only continue to cause long term hassles, potentially including a fully torn cover.

What are my options? In hindsight, I would’ve opted for a walk-on aluminum lid, but most of the ones I’ve seen are meant to be poured in (during original installation) so trying to retrofit after the fact seems like it might also be problematic. Any recommendations???

Thanks again. Happy floating!!


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Feb 23, 2021
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Yeah they should be adjusting the brackets themselves, not shimming between the stones and brackets. The brackets I have seen in the past have adjustment screws on them, if those have them it looks like they have already been adjusted to maximum.

It doesn't look impossible but it would probably take a couple of days to remove the stones, adjust the brackets so they are levelled appropriately, and reinstall the stones.

The holes on the cover I believe you can fix with a patch kit - not the best aesthetically but functionally sound.
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