Concrete help - driveway drooping and flooded


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Mar 27, 2019
Not a pool topic but looking for someone who knows a lot about concrete. I bought this house a few years ago which is older than I am with an original driveway. Overtime the driveway has drooped slightly with cracks in it and now it floods every time there is a decent shower. Anyone have any ideas on how to improve drainage on the driveway? The water is almost 2 inches thick during a heavy rain. I actually caught ducks swimming in it last year which is a good sign that my driveway has a drainage problem...



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May 23, 2015
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If it’s older than you then it’s time to consider a new driveway. The sub-base is is no longer supporting the concrete and it will just continue to crack and fall apart as water infiltrates it’s into it. You can probably run a French drain and dry well into that grassy area but it will only accelerate the deterioration as the underlying material is eroded away. You could also haul out a submersible pump every time the water builds up and pump it somewhere else. There are sub pumps that can pull on as little as 1/8” of water if they’re level enough.

You’ve got a few more years left on that driveway before it stars looking really bad. If you can’t swing the cost now, then start saving up.


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Sep 30, 2018
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Sorry for the late reply. A friend of mine had a driveway that looked similar to yours and he hired a company to come out that specializes in mudjacking. Basically they drilled a bunch of holes through the concrete and injected a mortar underneath to lift the driveway back in place and give it stability. I'm not sure what the cost was but it may be an option for a small area to get you by until you're ready to pour a new driveway.