Concrete form Vinyl lined pool DIY


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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
OK Team, I am floating the idea of doing our own pool using only concrete forms.. I think we will be able to do it and wondering why it is not done.. I need ideas on how to do it and why it would work and why it would not work... This will be a basic pool built the TFP way.. I will continue to update and add things in here to keep a rolling log of decisions we come up with...

I do not have any sketches yet as I want to see how feasible this is in the first place..

Overall pool:
20x40 > 4 foot >6 foot > 4 foot
10 inch walls with 6 to 10 inch floors with rebar (i am open to suggestions)
4 to 6 returns
2 skimmers
3 to 4 1.5 inch sunseeker LED lights
robot cleaner

Game on :)


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Apr 1, 2007
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Since you are doing a vinyl liner, I would consider a vermiculite floor and concrete walls. Place the walls on a footer and then tie them to the footer with rebar.

Doing straight lines for a DIY is pretty simple.....doing nice curves in your walls can be done but requires some good skills when framing it up.
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