Concrete Finishing costs


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Apr 5, 2019
My pool installer subs out his concrete work. His guy charges $4.50/SF labor and material for a basic finish (no stamping, color, etc). I have around 1,700 SF total that I need poured. Concrete around my area runs about $105/cubic yd... which backs into about $1.03/SF for my job with the remaining $3.47/SF going to labor costs.

Does this seem comparable to quotes you guys have been seeing? I'm just wondering how much effort I should spend trying to find a better price.


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Jul 21, 2013
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The $4.50/SF include rebar?



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May 16, 2010
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$4.50/sq ft (4" deep?) is on the low end. But you really need rebar or steel mesh in the concrete. That should increase the price to about $6-$7 a sq ft.

It's going to crack with or without rebar/mesh but it won't lift with it.


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Jun 10, 2019
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I think that price is a very good price, remember no one will do it unless they make money and also they have other costs like lumber, gravel, equipment rental, equipment wear, etc. The contractor will probably hire 4-5 guys and has to set forms, prep base, etc. Will they put gravel as base and tamp it? I would highly recommend you pay extra for rebar #3 or #4 otherwise expect cracks.

Another option is to diy, ordering a cement truck is not hard but working with concrete requires skill especially if you want a professional finish. I have ordered two trucks for diy projects including my pool deck and i did make mistakes and the second time i did improve. The cost of my 550 sq ft deck (travertine pavers over mortar & concrete base) ended up costing me like $10/sq ft vs $45 the builder wanted.
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