Concrete deck - Should I be worried? (w/pics)


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Jan 24, 2010
Northern Virginia
The builder poured my concrete deck last week and there's a couple things I've noticed and I'm wondering if I should start worrying about it or just sit back and relax.

The first is the color of one or two sections of the deck. One section (and part of another) seems to be slightly darker in color than the rest. It looks like one entire slab and half of another is a shade darker than the rest. See the picture below:

My other issue in on that same dark slab there's something that looks like a hairline crack. This is the only slab that I've noticed any sort of flaw. In the shot above you can see a dark line going from the edge to the middle part of the slab. The photos below show a close up:

What does anyone think? The crack? The color?


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Jun 22, 2009
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Was that particular section poured first or last?

That crack shouldn't be there this early but it's really nothing to stress about. I would bring it to the builders attention and ask about it. Maybe suggest a several year written warranty in the event it cracks all the way across and becomes out of level, if they don't feel it warrants replacement now.

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