concrete deck pitting after two summers


Jul 17, 2017
Chester Springs

First let me say I have hardly posted anything because all I have read on here has made me pretty self sufficient with managing my pool, keeping the water crystal clear, etc., so thank you all very much.

I do have an issue that I suspect I should be complaining to my installer about. Pool and decking is only 2 years old and I have these pitted areas developing on the decking. See attached pics. Wondering a) if you think this is odd after just two summers (southeast PA), and b) is there a concrete patch product anyone recommends. There are thousands on the shelf at Lowe's etc. but no substitute for word of mouth recommendation, especially for this specific application.

thanks for any guidance.



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May 16, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
It's caused by inadequate mixing of the concrete/sand mix. You get little globs of sand that haven't mixed and, if they are near the surface, they eventually wear through and wash away. Mix a little mortar and fill the holes. They will be visible but better than holes.