Concrete Deck Not Bonded - Solutions?


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Aug 10, 2020
I have read a few threads about people feeling a small shock while in their pools. Based on what I have read here, we were able to determine that our concrete deck is not bonded.

We have stray voltage and have had the power company out with their master electrician. They added some grounding rods, but it didn't do much. We are still working on it, but I realize this is only part of the problem.

The pool equipment and light are bonded, but there was no copper mesh wiring or rebar put in before the concrete was poured. This is what we have determined to be the reason we are feeling the shock from the stray voltage. Our pool contractor is trying to come up with different solutions, but he has never had this problem before. Has anyone had this problem and can offer what worked for you?



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Jun 8, 2020
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The grounding rods wouldn't help here, if it's a bonding issue.

Have you seen this yet?

Bonding vs Grounding said:
Bonding never involves driving ground rods into the earth. Ground rods are only used for grounding the main electrical panel, and any sub-panels that are separate from the house.


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Jul 20, 2017
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In my area, they very rarely install rebar or mesh in the decking, only the pool shell is tied to the bonding wire.
Correct. All METAL in the area needs to be tied together ( bonded ). If rebar was used or a Metal mesh in the deck, then that gets tied in, Not the concrete.
From OP " power company out with their master electrician. They added some grounding rods " WOW ! I wouldn't let them change the batteries in my flashlight.