Concrete Deck: help with finish and color

We are 2 weeks away from concrete deck being poured. So far we chose:

-Proline Arizona flagstone stamp for concrete deck (Proline Concrete Tools - Gallery
-NPT 2x2 aztec cobalt blue tiles
-MG classic copper ledgestone
-Moss rock waterfall

We plan on painting the house brown after the pool is all done.

We have finally narrowed our top list of concrete deck colors to the following colors from Davis. We are having a hard time choosing the color that would tie everything together. Please, help's madness! :shock::roll::lol:

Pics to follow.
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Jul 10, 2012
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Do you have any pics of the different stamps? How about the colors? I shot of the area including the house would also be helpful to see what you are working with.



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Apr 15, 2017
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Hi there, did you ever figure out your concrete color? I don't think you could go wrong with your options, the stone, tile, everything looks beautiful. I am in Northern California as well and trying to pick out ledger stone, concrete, uh everything.... We have a meeting tomorrow with our pool builder and I am still undecided on a direction :(. Do you have pictures of your build you could share?