Concrete Deck and Coping Sealer Recommendations


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Jun 7, 2017
Lehigh Valley, PA
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Hi folks - after going SWG last year; I am definitely noticing tons of concrete or paver dust in pool as well as coping and coping grout beginning to corrode. The coping are standard concrete bullnose pavers - and the grout I believe is standard mortar. I recall this from when the coping installer worked on this 8 years ago.

Some pics attached - but I am looking for recommendations on pool coping and probably decking sealer. I have been trying to find on TFP forums, but most related appear to be fairly old.

Suggestions for sealers? I may go with a wet look or just keep it matte.

Note: the separation of coping joint and coping is occurring in dozens of many places.

Thanks - Jason


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