concrete cantilever coping cracks


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Oct 21, 2018
Northern Tennessee
The concrete cantilever coping above the tiles in my fiberglass pool are cracking in all four corners. I've been told that it is probably caused by my pool settling since the idiots that the previous owner hired to install the pool backfilled the pool with sand instead of gravel. A few small chips have come off in each corner that are 2"-3" in length and about 1/2"-1" in width. There is a lot of cracking in one corner near the shallow end steps and I'm afraid that a large chunk will come off in the near future. Does anyone know if it is possible to patch the concrete that has already chipped off or patch the cracks so the problem doesn't get any worse? None of the tiles are loose yet but I'd like to get this fixed so I don't lose any tiles in the future. I can't afford to replace the cantilever coping around the entire pool so I'm hoping that there is a way to patch this. I tried to include a picture but I couldn't get it to load for some reason.