Concerned about texture of Gunite


Jun 22, 2010
My pool has had the gunite sprayed and now I am waiting for the tile, coping, and concrete. I have been walking around in the pool and checking things out and notice some elevated ridges in bottom of the pool. Some of these are about 1/2 inch tall and the size of a pencil. Some even come to small points. My concern is when they plaster will the high spots be covered with enough plaster to keep from being worn thin in just a few years. How thick is the plaster in the floor area. The main spot that bothers me is directly off the last step were you step every time you enter or leave the pool. I just looking for advice before I approach my builder with this concern incase he tells me not worry.


No worries! A bit rough is much better than too smooth. That being said, the tile and coping guys will most likely drop mortar and thinset material all over the shell also, and if they do not clean it up (like they sometimes don't :evil: ) then the clean up crew will do it. The plasterers will also make sure the shell is ready for plaster before they apply.

I go in all of the pools I build with a hammer and knock off all of the "high spots" myself (I don't build many anymore, so it doesn't happen real often!). You can use a hammer or a floor scraper or similar. Gunite is strong, so you won't hurt it!

Good to ask the question rather than accept shoddy work :goodjob: Sounds like you are fine here though!
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