Composite Fiberglass or Re-plaster?


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Mar 16, 2017
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Hello forum,

I'm new here and need some assistance for a complete remodel of our pool.
Our pool has some cracks and leaks in a few different areas and was drained 4 months ago. We are now in the process of hiring someone to fix the cracks, redo the plaster, tile, coping, lights, sheer descents and other items.

I have met with a few company's and got bids to do the job and all have recommended new plaster except for one company who recommends a fiberglass composite solution. I have never heard of this but this company thinks its the best solution and gives a 15 year warranty on cracks with it. While other company's do not offer any warranties on cracks with re-plastering.

The way the fiberglass composite solution was presented to me sounds like its the better solutions for our pool but I have no idea. I assume there are pros and cons to both solutions and I'm looking for someone experienced to share their thoughts.

Thanks in advance,


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Welcome to TFP!

That sounds pretty interesting. I haven't heard of that before. Do they lay in the fiberglass and actually make it up in the pool shell? Like lay glass mat and resin layers to build up a fiberglass shell? What is the final finish in the pool? A 15 year warranty is pretty impressive.


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May 23, 2015
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Be very wary of warranty offers. More often than not they come with very specific water chemistry requirements as well as proof of testing from a third party source (like a pool store). All too often we see members here try to make warranty claims on pool surface issue only to have those claims rejected on the basis of "pool owner negligence". Warranties often have very vague terms in them that gives the installers LOTS of wiggle room.

I'm not a huge fan of fiberglass as that type of surface is not nearly as "low maintenance" as the installers typically claim. They can suffer from calcium scaling and staining like any other surface and we have many FG pool owners on here that report grey/white scale (calcium) that takes a lot of work to remove.

My personal opinion is to stick with a plaster surface or consider AquaBright thermoset polymer surface.

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Nov 8, 2011
To answer your question will get you a question. What is the name of the specific composite fiberglass product. It may not be the best option for what you are working on. There are many variables when you are trying to bond one material to another that can effect it's durability.


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Sep 8, 2016

Is he adding fiberglass to the plaster? I could see that as being really great for preventing cracks, and really bad until all the exposed glass was scrubbed off. My guess is, if this is yes, there is probably a way to eliminate the second thing and this might be really good.

If he is changing to a traditional fiberglass mat/resin and adhering this to your existing pool, I'm with JFN, go plaster, or if you want an inert polymer surface, go with AquaBright. I have Aquabright; partially because I had very old plaster, and was probably looking at a re-plaster, since it had been acid washed too many times, and I had too many calcium issues.


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Mar 16, 2017
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Thanks for all the quick responses.

From what the guy tells me it goes on in a liquid form and goes right over the old plaster. He said something like a composite fiberglass... He did not give me the brand name of the product. He was very upfront about the warranty and having specific care requirements or it voids the warranty. I have never heard of AquaBright what is that and is it good for cracks?

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