Complete Start-Up Kit - Should I Use This?


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May 13, 2017
Ontario, Canada
Hi all,

This will be my second year using the TF-100 Test Kit and I had a question about the opening kits that you can buy.

In the past, I've always bought the opening kit that Costco sell here in Canada. It costs $29.99 CAD + tax (about $25.34 USD) and includes:
  • Degreaser
  • Start-up shock (the granulated crystals)
  • Metal & stain defense

By comparison, I pay approximately $4.50 CAD (approx $3.36 USD) for 10 litres of liquid chlorine, unless my local pool shop has increased the prices this year. They always have 40%/50% off vouchers, so that's the price I pay after discount. Just in case that comes into play when deciding whether to get the start-up kit or not, in terms of cost. It's the full 12%, or whatever it should be!

Is this worth continuing to use, or simply just go with testing my water with the TF-100 and adding the required chemicals as per the pool chemicals page (i.e. actually using liquid chlorine, rather than the start up shock, etc.)? I'm unsure if the 3 items in this are actually worthwhile! It obviously talks up the value of the degreaser and the metal/stain defense, but no idea what they actually do! Last year, the first year I had the TF-100, I used the start-up kit first, and once the values had settled down, then started with the TF-100 and made appropriate adjustments. Should I do this again, or ditch the start-up kit entirely?

I use a safety cover, and my water was pretty clear when I opened last year, so no obvious algae growth to deal with. I had a quick look under the cover the other day and I can see the bottom of the pool no problem, so I'm hoping my water is in fairly good condition when I open sometime within the next month.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
TFP advocates adding to your pool chemicals that you know what they are and that testing shows you need.

Test the water with your TF100 and add what it needs. I cannot imagine what a 'degreaser' would be for and you only need metal stain preventer if you have metals in your water. And then it must be added on a regular basis.