Compatible pump with Power Flo LX


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I have a 1.5 power flo LX I need to replace coupled to a 175 lb Hayward Sand Filter with a design flow rate of 45GPM (S190TSCP).

What pumps would mount to my base? Would a matrix 2 speed fit? I would like to not repipe if need be but can. So the LX would drop right in and it looks like the Matrix is close in size.

Also, is the 1.5 too much? I hate to go down to say 1hp and be disappointed, this was part of a store package.
Lastly, I need twist lock, I seen Matrix's in 1 and 1.5 but they are not twist lock.

Any suggestions, my pool is open April - Sept.
11,000 gallon above ground, I run the filter now about 5 hours a day on a timer.
My energy company does give rebates for energy star pumps but trying to cross numbers with the gov site is not easy and they appear to be for in ground pools.



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It is a high pitched squeal, I guess I can try to separate the motor from the pump and see if it is the motor.

Would it be advisable to go with a 1.5 like I have or downgrade to a 1.0? I think it is overpowered but I also don't have any spots lacking circulation.


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May 3, 2007
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That sounds like the bearings in the motor. Wet ends rarely needs replacement and don't have any moving parts except for the impeller that is attached to the motor shaft.

You can't downgrade the motor without downgrading the impeller. But impellers aren't too expensive either. The PowerFlo LX is a fairly small pump to begin with. If you went with a two speed motor, you really don't need to downsize the pump.

You would need to replace the motor seal and gaskets as well so Go-Kit is in order.