Comparing LED light irons


Jul 10, 2014
Orlando, FL
I have a small, 10K, inground pool. It's kidney shaped with the light fixture at the middle, i.e. pointing to the narrow side with the largest parts of the "kidney" to the left and right (I say ask this to explain that I need a light with a broad, not narrow, cast). I definitely want to change out the incandescent bulb with an LED. Different color programs weighs be a plus, but not mandatory. I'm comparing the following products, but writes appreciate any commentary on these or others:
$200, 500W equivalent (50W actual), white-only
20 high power LEDs, No lumen rating given
Vendor responses don't indicate much knowledge or helpfulness
$210, Replaces 500W or less (35W actual)
Colors with programs
545 LEDs, no lumen rating given
$138, 250 LEDs, Replaces 300W or less (20W actual)
Colors with programs
$164, 202 LEDs, 30W actual
Claimed to be 500W equivalent but commenters say 2-300W
Detailed lumen ratings given by color (white=11850, avg=600)
Colors with programs
Great vendor response to questions, good web page


TFP Expert
Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
I've only seen a few folks on TFP review or talk about the Pentair Intellibrite niches and those comments have been positive. They are very expensive though. For the most part, the cost of LED bulbs will provide the wow factor of color changing but will not pay for themselves in electricity savings over the life of the bulb. If all you want is a white light, it's cheaper to just use old school incandescent... as long as they're available.