Compare mini-pebble brands


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Aug 8, 2019
Mesa, AZ
We are resurfacing our in-ground diving pool. We are looking at a mini-pebble finish. I've been trying to find a source for comparing the quality and durability of the various "brands" that offer the mini-pebble finish. But I can't seem to find a site - that isn't biased! - to provide info. I get comparisons of pebble to plaster, etc.

As I've had several estimates, one uses their own "house brand." Another uses only Pebble-tec or StoneTech (I think is the other). The others didn't specify. One says the other tends to "fade" over time. The usual comments.

But I'd like an independent source to compare these different brands if there is such a thing!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

Maybe someday Consumer Reports will do a comparison of pool finishes. Although it will take years to determine which fades the least.

Everyone has experience with the finish they choose. Different pools are in different environments with different water chemistry.

I think they are all about the same. The quality of the crew applying the finish is more important then the materials.

As far as fading goes, choose stones with inorganic colors. Read ...