Combined NG and Solar heating automation


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Feb 11, 2018
Victorville, CA
Hello all,

I bought a home couple years back and have been doing upgrades as I can and here I am faced with the issue of needing to understand and replace some things with the pool.

My goal here is to have a set and forget system for my pool and spa.

I currently have a pentair VS Intelliflo (newly replaced), Hayward H250 Gas heater, Hayward Pro-Grid D.E. 4820 filter, roof mounted solar collectors w/ Compool LX220 solar control system and a barracuda G3.

What I'm wanting to know is what is the best way to go for a smooth operating pool. I want to be able to heat my pool with solar when weather allows and occasionally have the spa heated by gas at night.

I see all these products like easytouch, suntouch and solartouch by pentair but I don't know which is right for me.

I am a fan of simplicity for this particular task so perhaps the kind folks here on these forums would give me some helpful feedback.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A great place to find the answers to all your pool/spa upgrades questions... even if you live in the High Desert... :shark:

I used to live in Victorville, back in the day when George AFB was still flying airplanes...

I'm not sure there is a "set and forget" pool system, but I would suggest the EasyTouch as it will come close...

The ET will control your VS pump so that it can automatically adjust the speed you need to whatever mode you want to be in..

The ET will automatically change your Return and Intake valves over from the Pool mode and into the Spa mode..

You could also automate the valve that controls you Back-a-rude-a cleaner...

The ET can control both Solar as well as a gas, or electric heater.. You can tell it to run Solar only or Solar + Heater, etc...

One good thing about the ET is that you can add ScreenLogic2, which would allow you to control everything from your PC, Tablet, or Phone.. You can even turn your Spa on from work and see what the temperature is on the way home..

The ET can control the lights, spa blowers, landscape light, etc..

If I was doing this upgrade I would give serious thoughts about upgrading to a Saltwater system, which is about as "Set and Forget" as you can get..

There are a lot of EasyTouch systems out there, so you really need to understand the differences before going off and buying one.. There are plenty of people that can help with that..

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.