ColorSplash 2G vs. 3G vs. everything else


Jul 1, 2010
Pittstown, NJ
I'd appreciate your opinion and experiences with the ColorSplash LED pool light replacements.

Has your overall experience been positive?
Any issues with the product?
Is there a significant difference between the 2G and 3G?
How do they stack up vs. other LED replacements?



May 13, 2009
Orange County, CA
tedinelkgrove said:
I purchased a 252 LED Color pool light (120v) off eBay. He also sells a 12v version. I love the light. Many different light schemes/programs, 21 total I believe. You can't beat it for the price: ... 1e5c171a6e
Thanks for the link. Ordered mine Friday, arrived today. Installed it and a new gasket and I love it. It's not as bright as my former 500watt lamp, but given the size of our pool I'm more than happy with the amount of light and I LOVE the colors....not to mention the insane energy savings!

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