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Jul 19, 2012
Is it possible to convert existing UCL-compatible LED pool lights currenrly running in wall switch mode to Color Logic mode using the Hayward Colorlogic Network module?


May 27, 2017
Warren, NJ
The short answer is no. The Hayward Colorlogic Network module is a modem of sorts that communicates to the lights individually by way of a network address over the power line. It is only compatible with the older ProLogic system, not the current OmniLogic system. There is no replacement for that particular module for OmniLogic.

The current UCL lights either use the power-cycling/switching mode or OmniDirect. The power-switching mode--as you likely know--doesn't require any special devices. The light simply cycles through the different colors and modes every time the switch is turned off or on.

The OmniDirect mode works on certain 2018-and-later UCL lights. This allows the lights to change modes directly without having to blink on and off as they cycle through all of the modes. This requires an OmniLogic controller with the newer firmware and the appropriate light. It is not possible to upgrade an older UCL light to become OmniDirect capable.

One more note: OmniDirect is not a replacement for the older network system. The older "networked" lights allowed users to create shows with each light separately. For example, one could create a chasing series of lights that go around a pool. The newer system uses "standalone" lights are all controlled at once. While you can change the color, all of the lights on that particular relay change to the same color.

What exactly are you trying to do with your existing lights?
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