Coleman Powersteel pump intake, gurgling?


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Apr 3, 2017
Just got a Coleman power steel 26 x 52....
How high above the pump intake does the water level need to be?
I've had water a full inch above the suction and it still creates a vortex and sucks air/makes gurgling sound, like when a bathtub is being drained.
It stops and starts, the vortex goes away and comes back even though there is no movement in the water.
I've bled everything and it comes right back. Pool is brand new and I dont believe I have an actual leak in the lines. Is it possible I still don't have the water level high enough, or is there another possibility?

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: When you say "above the pump intake", is that in the pump basket itself? Or are you referring to the poolside skimmer where water first leaves the pool on its way to the pump? If it's the skimmer, the water level should be at least halfway up the skimmer opening, perhaps even closer to 3/4 to ensure you have adequate water entering the skimmer. Too low and it can do exactly what you are describing, and also starve the pump for water. Now at the pump itself, with those pumps on the ground below the waterline, there should be no problem with water flowing quickly to the pump to keep the pump strainer basket full of water. If that pump basket is not full up to the clear lid, you must have a suctions-side air leak somewhere between the pool and the pump. Hope that helps. Let us know. Nice to have you with us.