Coleman Pool/FlowClear Pump - missing piece


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Jun 8, 2020
Cowiche, wa
Need help identifying missing part please!

Hi, we recently purchased a one year old frame (with a brand new still in the box pool liner) for a 18' Coleman round pool that came with the original FlowClear Pump 90401e. We have set up the pool no problem, but now realize we are missing a piece. The pool has 3 holes on the side for the pump hoses to go to/thru. One of the holes is larger than the other two (inlet/outlet?). Anyway, we are missing the piece that attaches on the inside of the pool. Can someone tell me what the missing piece is please? I guess my real want would be the actual part #. :))
Thank you!IMG_20200606_152329_1.jpgIMG_20200606_152329_1.jpgIMG_20200606_152320_6.jpgIMG_20200606_152259_3.jpg