Cold weather/snow help, please!


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Jul 19, 2021
Portland, OR
Hi y'all! This past summer we bought a house with a pool in Portland, OR and are first time pool owners. It doesn't have a cover, and according to the pool service the previous owners didn't close the pool in winter. Apparently in years past it was easy to manage by running the pump for a few hours each day, the Polaris thing every couple of days, managing chemicals, and brushing/skimming as needed. And so far so good!

But, we *may* get cold weather next week. It's probably lies based on previous experience, but just in case we do actually get down to the 15-30*F range for a few days I'd like to have an idea of what we should do. What suggestions do you have about keeping our pool safe from freezing problems? The house came with a full home backup generator, so at a minimum we can run the pump if the power goes out. All of the equipment is in a space we access from outside in a sort of finished crawlspace area that also has a furnace, hot water heater, etc so it's not heated but it's not outside.

I feel like maybe just running the pump more (or constantly?) for the week might make sense but I really have no idea. I'm certain we do not have a variable speed pump. I can't remember what kind of heater we have but we could turn that on as well though I'm sure that's not going to warm things up enough to swim!

Help, please? You always have the best and most trustworthy advice. :)
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