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May 10, 2014
Houston, TX
I know there's an older threat, but it suggested I create a new one, so here we go.

The COLD WATER light in currently on my Pentair Intellichlor IC40.

I live in Houston, TX, so I know the water is not cold in mid April.

I tried following the steps in the previous post, pressing the MORE button until lights flashing, then pressing it again, and also pressing it for 6 seconds, but not sure I understand what it shows.

Here's a 30 sec video I uploaded to youtube.

Cold Water

EDIT: I do want to mention that it has been acting weird on and off for the past 2 weeks, occasionally showing a red FLOW light, even though the flow was good. Both "pump filter basket" and "skimmer basket" are kept clean, and I could feel excellent suction in the skimmer, and output where the bot-cleaner would attach. Not sure if this is an indication that the whole unit is failing. It's only about 2.5 years old.
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May 3, 2014
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Salt Water Generator
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
As shown in the Wiki Pentair Intellichlor ICXX SWG - Further Reading
40% and 60% = 46 to 55F

That is not correct if you say the water is much warmer than that. So likely the thermistor in the flow switch of the IC is failing.

If you are going to replace the flow switch anyway, you can just cut the green and white wires going from the flow switch assembly and the cell itself. When you cut the wires, the cell will use a fixed resistor inside the cell. Reboot the system and if the cold-water light is off, you will know for sure that the flow switch needs to be replaced.
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