cold snap while filling pool- liner Q


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Feb 26, 2010
Annapolis, MD
OK. We got the pool up yesterday and started filling it, but now the weather as cooled off with rain the next 3 days (~62 F). Do I continue to fill or wait until Wednesday (back to 68)? I'm guessing we have ~18" of water in the pool. The liner is somewhat tight, but I can press it to the wall.

I got to say the wall was heavier than I thought. After moving the wall from the garage to the pool (~200') myself, I had to take a break and get a helper. I had been doing all the install all by myself, but dealing with the wall was not a one person job.


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Mar 22, 2010
Bama Rambler said:
I might be wrong but I'd continue filling it. The bottom should be set at this point and there shouldn't be much left to stretch.

Mine was installed on a warm day and like you rain and cold came in. I was istructed to keep filling. He stated add 12 more inches the second day and then the rest of the way on the third day unless high wind warnings were going on. He said to fill up immediately in that case.
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