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Re: Cloudy Pool

Hello! :wave: A cloudy pool is usually an indication of algae trying to bloom. Do you have a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006 test kit to post test results? That's what we really need to see first.

Don't worry about forum placement of your thread. We'll move it if we need to. :)
Jul 22, 2015
willows, ca
Was not able to take care of pool during winter so it was very green and full of leaves and gunk. I have gotten rid of the algae. It is now 2 months into working on it and I can not get a clear pool.
We are using the TFP 100 kit. Before I tell you todays test---We had a very low PH and test said to put in 46 lbs. of Soda Ash. We put in 24 and then the PH went up so high that the test then said to put in 3 gal. of Acid. So we started out with 1 gal. Now PH is fine BUT:
Chlorine: 3.6
PH: 7.2
CYA: 55
FC: 7
CC: 0
CH: 250
TA: 280
CSI: 0.16

It doesn't tell us to put anything in. We have vacuumed for 3 days, cleaned out the filter basket many times, back washed 5 times and two days ago cleaned out the DE filters, washed thoroughly and replaced new DE. oh yes, forgot to say that we have used 6 bags of SHOCK during all this.

We need to put this house up for sale and can't until this pool is clear. HELP HELP HELP


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Jan 6, 2010
San Dimas, CA (LA County)
Cloudy after green means you stopped maintaining shock level too soon. Check out the SLAM article. With 55 CYA you need to get FC up to 22 and keep it up there. That'll finish off any lingering algae trying to regroup and counterattack.
Jul 22, 2015
willows, ca
CLEAR -- Not Swimable

At the last post the water was milky and it was suggested I needed to get the FC up to 22. I got it to 26 and then lowered it. Have used mostly bleach rather than shock.
Now the pool is essentially clear, just a little hazy, not sparkly. Have cleaned the DE filter twice and vacuumed twice.
Test this AM:
Chlorine 6-7
PH 7.5
FC 10
CC 0
CYA 60
CH 375
TA 290
I just vacuumed and back washed twice. Water was low so am bringing it up. Our water is high Alkaline so should raise the PH.

Will wash DE Filter again tonight and then run all night and test in AM

QUESTION: Once the water is clearer but the FC is high and the Chlorine is high how do I get it swimmable?


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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
I merged your threads. Please keep related questions together. Thanks, jblizzle

It does not sound like you are following the process. You should be maintaining the high FC level until you pass the 3 criteria to stop.

FYI, the pool is safe to swim up to shock FC level for your CYA. Right now you are WAY below that, so assuming you can see the bottom, the pool is "safe" to swim in.


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Sep 8, 2016
Are you adding DE back in once you backwash?

Backwashing can often not remove all the DE, so how much are you adding back in? If you are adding in the full amount, you may have added too much DE.

Are you cleaning when the pressure increases by 25%

It *seems* like a lot of cleaning for a DE. Is it undersized for your pool?

Could the milky stuff be DE?

Maybe do a full open it up and clean it?
Jul 22, 2015
willows, ca
OK, we are now beautifully CLEAR. What a job and pain AND expense. Thanks for all your suggestions. Now will keep it beautiful. I hope NOT to talk to you for a long while. Have a great swimming summer!!


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Apr 18, 2017
Alexandria, LA
OK, we are now beautifully CLEAR. What a job and pain AND expense. Thanks for all your suggestions. Now will keep it beautiful. I hope NOT to talk to you for a long while. Have a great swimming summer!!
How did you get a resolution? Did you just keep the shock levels until it went clear?

~11,500 gallon in-ground 27 x 13 ft
3 ft in shallow, 5.5 ft in deep
Plaster bottom/fiberglass sides(?)
Jul 22, 2015
willows, ca
The two biggest things I did was keep adding bleach until the FC was over 22, actually went up to 26. Then vacuumed a lot and backwashed a lot. Now the FC is 14 and I am keeping it there for awhile. The Pool Math now says that I need to add or delete nothing. That is great. For this large pool and the cloudiness in it we had added 46lb. of baking soda before I found how to start slamming. As it says above, I had stopped slamming too soon. They were right. I am 80 and I am exhausted!! Now that the pool is clean we are now selling, I can't take this any more. smile