Cloudy water question


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Jun 26, 2007
Here are my numbers
FC 21
CC 0
TA 110
PH 7.4
CYA 30-40

Water got below 3ppm a couple of days in a row, and was cloudy yesterday, the neighbors took a dip while I was off to buy more bleach, got home to 2.5 FC and .5 CC, so I shocked to 10ppm last night, I was thinking this was the right number instead of 15ppm with a CYA of 30-40, for some reason. This am still cloudy, 8ppm FC still there and 0 cc about 10, so sun had been on it a few hours. I thought I was adding enough to raise the FC to 15ppm, overshot that apparently. So it's 21ppm after a few more hours of direct sunlight. Seems to be getting cloudier by the minute now.

So at this point, do I try to maintain 15ppm for awhile? How long? Or, do I just let this FC burn back down to around 6ppm?

Also, what is the highest FC that it is safe to swim in with a CYA between 30 and 40? The neighbors aren't blonde, and I really do not think they want to become blondes ;).